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The uneasy combo can make it hard to chill out. People will be passive-aggressive, even whiny, and you might find yourself tossing and turning over stressful thoughts. On October 3, your other co-ruler, transformational and karmic Pluto, wakes up from a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your third house of expression, community and media. Communication has been an ongoing issue for you to transform and improve for the past few years as Pluto makes its lengthy, once-in-a-lifetime journey through Capricorn from to While Pluto was retrograde since April 24, many Scorpios struggled to get their point across.

Old fears, some driven by shame and anxiety, may have created blocks in key relationships. And during this psyche-probing October, you can get down to the root cause, which will help you make lasting change. On October 7, the Libra Sun in your twelfth house of illusions will lock into a tense square with rigid Saturn in Capricorn and your third house of communication.

But you could have to negotiate through a minefield of obstinate decision makers with old-school opinions. Are you the one being stubborn and stonewalling? This transit will repeat on October 27 between intense Mars also in Libra and Saturn, a day to really give yourself a break.

The bigger lesson? Know your limits! Give yourself—and others—a chance to absorb information and climb the inevitable learning curve. You might be on information overload or just emotionally saturated wring out that psychic sponge! Could it be a hint of…codependence?

Just in time, the October 13 Aries full moon sweeps into your sensible sixth house of health, order and analytical thinking. Simplify, streamline and prioritize. And ask for good help! The sixth house rules employees and assistants, and full moons mark transitions.

Ready to get your fall fitness plans underway? The full moon in your wellness zone gives you the surge of energy to replace those bad habits with life-affirming ones before holiday hedonism kicks in. Under the light of the full moon, a nagging issue could finally be properly diagnosed and treated. Your spinning thoughts can be the culprit of a lot of stress and anxiety.

You deserve all the compassion, Scorpio…you take on so much and rarely ask for help. But nobody ever got a medal for being a martyr. And if you scratch below the surface, there may be some control issues rooted in ancient fears operating. Great news: Scorpio season swings into gear on October 23, flipping the lights back on.

Pace yourself, of course, because energizer Mars will still be marching through your restful twelfth house. But your confidence and can-do spirit return. Prioritize passion projects for the next four weeks while your solo endeavors get a special hit of solar power. This annual reset kicks off a six-month cycle for your personal goals and dreams. A style refresh could also be in the making now. You may have to dodge some disruptions from a couple of your closest people, though.

The new moon will form a tricky opposition to unpredictable Uranus in your partnership house.

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But before you pull out all the stops on a splashy debut, pause for the cause. Halloween has some tricks along with the treats as trickster Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—spins retrograde from October 31 to November Adding to the ghoulish effect, it will reverse through YOUR sign this go-round, which could set you up to feel wildly misunderstood.

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